“I build people into brands,I turn brands into people”
Highly motivated person who wants to achieve and impact how people can identify their core strengths and turn it into a successful brand.


“I don’t create startups , I start movements”
With my educational background and passion (Neuroscience + Marketing = NeuroMarketing) creating distinctive branding messages to position them in a way where people can feel and be part of its movement, with this contagious messaging.
I was honored to be selected, nominated, recognized in : Representing Saudi Arabia with United state Consulate Jeddah
IVLP (International Visitor Leadership program) on Entrepreneurship & innovation.
“I pay attention to details,experience,best practices” With my ongoing self learning and past experience.
I started to notice a few things that can distinguish what makes people and brands differently? If I’m engaged in a startup I like to make it a different, special, unique proposition that makes it stand out.. Helping startups and entrepreneurs in :
-Business Brand development strategy
- Business model innovation
- lean Startup methodology
- Personal Branding strategist


“Show your value , then ask for money”
Believing in this notion have helped me to add value to create content and consulting services I enjoy creating engaged content on my media presence with subjects like :
- Branding & Marketing
- Businesses & Startups
- Psychology & Skill development


Remember that
“Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself “
- Identify what you enjoy doing (Good at)
- Initiate your road map ( Career , Personal)
- Inspire your audience ( Stakeholders, customers)
- Impact your name ( Personal , Business)
Ask yourself repeatedly This and you always have that competitive edge . Let’s connect and share thoughts and maybe work together.

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